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Taking a shower? check your testicles

Still on men’s health- Time for your shower checks

We understand you might be embarrassed with checking your privates or speaking to anyone about them but it is necessary to know your body. Now it doesn’t involve just normal touch but detailed process. Here are some steps:

When to check:
Weekly?Monthly? NO
Preferably when taking a WARM shower or bath as this is when your scrotal sac is relaxed so darling,, be patient

How to check:
Hold your scrotum in the palms of your hands. Use the fingers and thumbs on both hands to examine your testicles. shower checks

Size and weight
surely you know the size of your boys , or somewhat do not be alarmed if one sags more than the other but a noticeable change in size and weight MIGHT indicate something might be wrong

Lumps or swellings

Like I said, be patient with this shower checks as you need to gently feel each testicle individually. It should be smooth with no lumps or swellings.

Wait don’t just rush out of the shower just yet- COMPARE one testicle with the other. It is unusual to develop cancer in both testicles at the same time.

Tubes DON’T be alarmed

You should feel a soft tube at the top and back of the testicle (the epididymis). Don’t confuse it with an abnormal lump.

You should also feel the firm, smooth tube of the spermatic cord, which runs up from the epididymis.


You should see your doctor if you have:

  • an unusual lump or swelling in part of one testicle
  • a sharp pain in the testicle or scrotum
  • a heavy scrotum


Reference source:  Cancer research uk

Healthy living

MOVEMBER – more than unshaven beards and Staches

More than unshaven beards and Staches


So it is movember (no shave November) and while some of you are aware of the significance, some are blissfully unaware and carried away by the power of the beard.

This has to do with men’s health in its totality because we know how men aren’t that particular about their health as much as women especially health issues encompassing delicate areas so this month we’d be touching on different health topics affecting men such as prostrate cancer, testicular cancer , general body health and mental health whilst trying not to get too distracted by beautiful men with lucious beards. There are many charities that you could fund during this time but please select wisely.